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Let's Support Small Business Happy New Year and Happy New Lockdown! 😛 What a year it is has been! Unfortunately it doesn't look like we are at the finish line yet but we have to try and stay positive.  I know that's such an annoying thing to say, but it's true!  We all know what a strain this situation has been in so many areas of our lives. People have lost loved ones, lost their jobs and had to juggle their lives in a way that our generation hasn't been used to.  But, in the spirit of being positive I thought I would try and support one of those areas affected: small business!  A positive aspect of being in lockdown led me to a few small interiors related businesses, local to me in Northern Ireland and online. Now, I feel I need to be honest here, I do still shop from Amazon!  It is just so convenient, but I have been trying to cut back on buying certain items from there & turning to smaller shops instead.  These businesses have adjusted to a new way of tradi

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